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"The most important ingredient in our harvest is the welfare of our people."

Don Ernesto farm

700 hectares of fertile and privileged land. El Fundo Don Ernesto was the first of our company to house our main crops of great quality for 20 years.


In it we have also worked a forest of native species of 9 hectares, in addition to a nursery that grows species of flora and fauna of the area and surroundings that seeks to return to the population part of its ecosystem. This work was carried out in partnership with Kew Garden of London and the English chain of supermarkets Sainsbury.


This farm houses our asparagus, avocados and grapes.

Doña Julia farm

Before arriving to the city of Ica, in an area that was desert, this farm is located. the same one that has just over 200 hectares dedicated to different varieties of table grapes.


Also, within the same farm is our packing plant for fruits and the five high quality water wells that allow our operations.

Alesves farm 

This was the last farm acquired by the company in the city of Ica dedicated to the sowing of the pomegranate.


Within its facilities, it has three wells for the growth of the pomegranate that is currently the only crop planted in this productive unit.

San Rafael farm

Located 400 km north of Lima, in the Casma Valley, this farm has 700 hectares.


To date, this farm has a little more than one hundred hectares of green asparagus and has 4 water wells that sustain our activity

Constancia farm

Located 900 km north of Lima, it has 1,000 hectares in the Olmos irrigation project, currently with three crops in planting: asparagus, avocado and grape.


The operation of the Doña Constancia Farm contributes to complement the existing export windows of the south of the country in the Ica region, expanding our exportable offer.

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